Love The Skin You’re In Campaign

This was without a doubt a very busy month for Organic Tans, As some of you may already know, May is Skin Cancer Awareness month so I created a campaign to not only raise awareness but also to celebrate women… ALL women! For this I enlisted the help of three of my friends Helena, Rebekah and Nancy. The Campaign was important because I wanted to showcase my work at my first Charity event at The Bayou on May 22nd so a lot of thought and preparation went into this project.

Working on this shoot was a BLAST, we laughed, we celebrated each others’ attributes and I learned an important lesson from all three gals. I thought I would shock them when I announced that I wanted before and after pictures, that I would be posting these images on my website and that to keep the integrity of my work, the images wouldn’t be retouched either (as I needed to show what a natural tan looked like before and after). Not a BEEP from my friends, they all smiled and got ready to work.How lucky am I to be surrounded by these incredibly strong women? They all inspired me to love myself as I am. I can’t say that I’ve struggled with self-esteem issues in the past but from time to time I do find myself being too hard on myself and I don’t exactly enjoy it, in fact, I would love for ALL women to never feel like this.

Watching my friends being so comfortable and confident while being photographed freshly showered and with no makeup on was uplifting and refreshing. In addition to that they trusted my work and volunteered to be my canvases for a day.What we did; all three women were airbrushed by me (Lorena) at Vanessa’s studio in Allentown, the week prior to the shoot Helena, Rebekah and Nancy received a full-set application of Lavish Lashes by myself, all three were airbrushed with a natural tan and a Temptu makeup highlighter was used on their skin after the tan had dried to add shimmer. Makeup was done by my friend Michaela Parlett, hair was done by Helena of Silver Shears and photographs were Taken by Vanessa Guevara.

Organic Tans caters to ALL women and skin-types here’s how we do it!



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