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“The first Full Set is like constructing art; patience, creativity, and consistency are KEY when crafting a lash look for the first time. Lashes specific to a woman’s face, special event, and profession are all elements taken into consideration when applying for extensions. Lashes that look and feel natural is what happiness is all about.”

Stylist & Master Stylist

Our OTBB family is always growing, with that, comes the ability to hire aestheticians who have no experience on some of our favorite menu items. The difference between Stylists and Master Stylists, is speed, the ability to work on more challenging lashes/eye shapes etc.

Stylists always work under the supervision of a Master Stylist, while their application is good, these stylists are working on SPEED!

Master Stylists have 10+ months of experience and are well-versed in creating different lash looks to fit personal style. To learn more about our stylists check out the About Us page.

Classic & Volume



Create a fuller look than classic lashes by adhering volume “fans” consisting of 2 or more (thinner, lighter) extensions to each natural lash.  These fans are able to fill in lash gaps and create additional overall density.  We schedule 4+ hours for a Volume Full Set and 2 hours for a Volume Touch Up appointment. Applied by a Borboleta Certified, licensed aesthetician.


A 1:1 ratio of lash extension to the natural lash.  Because we apply 1 extension to each natural lash, we are limited to the fullness we are able to create.  The result, however, is a beautifully natural look, similar to that of using a really great mascara without the mess. We schedule 2 hours for a Classic Full Set and 1 hour for a Classic Touch Up appointment.

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Professional Quality


When there’s so many lash companies out there, why we chose Borboleta Beauty? There are many reasons, but here’s a list of our top ten reasons why:

1. Founded and built by a lash artist

Kimber Jaynes was lashing when she founded Borboleta so she knows the ins and outs of the lash industry. She personally uses each product before putting it on the market so she is positive everything that’s going out is up to the Borboleta standard.

2. Bornoleta carries the highest quality lashes and adhesives.

We pride ourselves on finding the best products available on the market for our beauty pros to use on our clients. Borboleta is very hands-on in the creation of their products. Every product is tested by their founder and used on real clients to ensure its quality.

3. Cruelty-free products

Our goal is to bring you ethical products that are of the highest quality.

4. Beauty is more than just eyelash extensions

Like Borboleta, we believe that the intrinsic beauty in each of us comes from just being different—unique—you.

5. We’re very open about the ingredients we use.

Borboleta prides itself on having an in-house chemist. The company’s founder ensures they use the highest quality ingredients that are safe for lash artists and clients. “We are very open about the ingredients that are used in our adhesives and our chemist is available for any questions we may have.” - Borboleta.

6. Provide not only products but also the best education

Borboleta was founded because their founder, Kimber Jaynes, wasn’t happy with the education and products that were available to her. She created a company that makes sure lash artists are receiving the best possible education and products.

7. Knowledgeable team to answer any and all questions you may have

All of our aestheticians are trained lash artists who have gone through Borboleta’s training and use Borboleta products. They have an extensive knowledge of all things Borboleta and are able to answer any questions or problems that may arise.

8. Focused on lash artists

A lash company founded by a lash artist, for lash artists. Borboleta’s mission is to honor great artists and artistry, which is why we’re always sending our aestheticians to get certified by Borboleta.

9. Always innovating and is an industry leader

Borboleta is constantly evolving and accomplishing things other lash companies haven’t done yet. For example, they’ve worked with ophthalmologists and dermatologists to create the first lash-friendly make-up remover (which of course we carry.!) Doing these things makes them a leader in the beauty industry, and we’re happy to be a part of that.

10. Positive culture

Borboleta is a company that provides support, uplifts, and inspires lash artists and clients. Like them, we strive to empower and build up other artists to create a nurturing environment for everyone.



Follow these tips for best results:
Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours.
Do not use mascara on your lash extensions.
Do not pick or pull on your extensions.
Brush your lashes daily.
Wash and rinse lashes daily with lash cleanser, using cleansing brushes.
Avoid eye makeup and creams with oils.
When choosing eyeliner, use powder eyeliner or water-based liquids.
Try to sleep on your side or back to avoid squishing your lashes.
Remember your lifestyle and activities such as exercise, swimming, hot yoga, etc will affect your lash retention.
Remember to re-book your fills within 1-2 weeks. [three weeks for volume]

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