Waxing an Alternative to Shaving

Waxing is a form of hair removal which removes hair follicles at the root level. Using a razor requires constant maintenance. However, with each waxing treatment, the hair comes in finer and lighter so waxing treatments become more infrequent.


STRIP WAX is a soy based formula gentle for all skin types, this wax is applied at low temperature which leads to less pain and little to no redness. We use this formula on face and body waxing treatments.

STRIPLESS WAX is ideal for normal to oily skin types, we use it on underarms, neck, bikini and Brazilian services. Great encapsulating results on all hair lengths and textures. Heats at a low temperature and it contains jojoba oil for client comfort.


You’ve heard us say “brows are sisters, not twins” but they still GOTTA look good. At our Brow Bar we Trim, Tweeze and Wax to shape your brows to perfection. Come in and experience the difference. Check out our Brow transformations on our Instagram page.

female wax
Full Leg $65
Half Leg $45
Bikini $35
Extended Bikini $45
Brazilian* $55
Rear $15
Back $45
Full Arm $45
Half Arm $35
Lip $12
Lip/Chin $15

*If you’re looking to get on this regiment a Series of SIX treatments is available for purchase.

male stomach wax
Full Leg $75
Half Leg $45
Back with Shoulders $60
Back $45
Lower Back $20
Shoulders $20
Chest $45
Stomach $40
Lower Stomach $20
Full Arm $50
Half Arm $40
Underarms $20
Hands $12
Toes $12
Eyebrows $18
Nose $15
Neck $10


Wax Q & A




noun: manscaping; noun: man-scaping
The removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect.

YES, YES AND YES… every part except your beard. You gotta still shave your face, it isn’t as pleasant or a simple as when girls get their lip/chin waxed.

What to wear?

Wear something comfy! It will ensure comfort post-wax if you wear loose clothes and cotton underwear.

It is THAT time of the month… ok to wax?

Yes, however due to hormonal changes, sensitivity is heightened, it is possible that the experience is less comfortable (more painful). If getting a bikini or Brazilian wax, be sure to change prior to appointment!

Can pregnant women wax?

Of course! Skin however can become a little more sensitive during pregnancy but the wax itself won’t harm your baby. Be sure to discuss any hormonal changes with us at the time of your visit so that we can best serve you.

How long should my hair be?

Alright Rapunzel, no need to shave or trim prior to your visit. Ideally your hair should be ¼ inch long. How long is that you ask? About the length of your bottom lash.

Sunbathing and working out ok?

You should really wait 24-48 hours before sun exposure. WEAR sunblock! Sweat can cause some irritation on freshly waxed skin so wait 24 hours before going back to pumpin’ iron.

Airbrush Tanning ok?

Take it from us, an airbrush tan goes on much nicer on waxed skin. Make sure you get waxed 2-3 days prior to your spray tan.

You’re taking antibiotics or Acne medicine?

Your skin is SENSITIVE which could cause lifting when getting waxed. Please discuss any medication and/or skin regiment with us at your appointment. Better safe than sorry!

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