Airbrush Tanning


If you think the celebrities you look up to get their glow from tanning beds or over-the-top sun exposure, you’re wrong! More and more men and women have become aware of the dangers of UVA and UVB exposure, so they have turned to Airbrush Tanning for their perfect tan. With health in mind we have been airbrushing and educating our clients of these dangers since our tanning salon opened it’s doors in 2012!

Custom Airbrush Tan Prices


Full Body Spray Tan $45
Essentials – Face, arms, chest $24
Uptown – Waist up $29
Downtown – Legs only $30

Quick Tan

This solution is not intended to stay on longer than the recommended 4-5 hours, and is the only solution designed for rinsing before 8 hrs.

2 hours – Natural, 3 hours – Beach, 4-5 hours – Island

Blended with True Bronzing Complex, VitaBlend Complex Blend, Argan & Jojoba Oil, and Green & White Tea Extract

Tanning Packages


Three Tans $99 (expire 4 months after purchase)
Five Tans $160 (expire six months after purchase)
Ten Tans $300 (expire 12 months after purchase)

Note: We HIGHLY recommend checking out the rest of this page prior to coming in for your appointment as it answers ALL questions you may have regarding our spray tanning process, and addresses KEY components of what it all entails. It’s worth the read. We PROMISE!



  • Exfoliate No need to get super fancy! If you don’t have an exfoliator, take a soapy bath towel and wash your body in circular motions. It’s THAT easy!
  • Shave 24 hours prior to your appointment. Want an even more flawless application? Wax 48-72 hours prior to your airbrush tan. We can take care of that too!
  • Avoid wearing Perfume, deodorant or lotion to your appointment.
  • Wear dark, lose fitting clothes. The kind you like to relax in.

We are law-abiding citizens. State Law requires that you at least wear a thong during your appointment. (Disposable thongs are available for purchase and can be used up to 3x) The cost of the thong is $3.

Airbrush Tanning 4
Airbrush Tanning 5



  • Dry patches of skin and bigger pores will be prone to picking up more solution. If you wake up and your ankles or finger-tips seem to look “browner” than you’d expect, take a rag and scrub the area until you’re satisfied. We’re very careful with hands and feet but this DOES happen from time to time.
  • When you get out of the shower, dry as if you had just washed your face and did not want your makeup to smear. PAT DRY!
  • Avoid applying perfume directly on your skin to prevent blotchiness.
  • Avoid contact with water or sweating until at least 8 hours from your airbrush application have passed.
  • Bar soap is a bit harsh to use on your airbrushed skin. Use body wash instead.
  • Moisturize EVERY day! This will aid in evenly fading the tan and will help keep your skin nourished.

Our Take

Before we go into everything that concerns you, here’s our take on airbrush tans. We have been voted best in the Lehigh Valley for a reason, we LOVE what we do and are passionate about every service we provide.

Airbrush Tanning was our first love and we have not only mastered our technique, but have also taken time to engineer our own airbrush booths with only your comfort and safety in mind.

We are not plastic surgeons and spray tans are TEMPORARY, it is not a boob job, it’s just a REALLY good tan that will make you feel good without the major health risks that are involved with UVA and UVB exposure.

We get it, you want it to be perfect and we do too, which is why trials are so important. Accidents do happen though, and from the bride who had a drool mark on her face the day after her spray tan, to the client who went for a pedicure immediately after her appointment, to the woman who got caught in the middle of a rain storm from her car to her house door… it isn’t the end of the world. It’s just a spray tan!

What’s in Our Solutions


Here’s why you’ll love our custom tans.
The Original Line of solutions features an Aloe Vera base with Olive undertones.

These solutions will leave the skin hydrated and healthy while providing a gorgeous golden glow, perfect for any skin type. The nourishing Aloe Vera formula will help to nourish the skin and improve the tan longevity. Consumers can estimate tans to last 7-12 days when following the proper care regimen.

The Aloe Vera solutions require a minimum of 8 hours before showering to achieve full development.

K E Y  I N G R E D I E N T S

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract – has been found to reverse degenerative skin changes by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Acts as a biological vehicle to aid penetration and absorption of other bio-active ingredients into the skin.

Dihydroxyacetone – derived from sugar cane and sugar beets; reacts with the skins amino acids to produce pigment.

Walnut Extract – derived from walnut husks; commonly used for acne treatments and as a skin soother; provides natural coloring.

Aloe Vera based solution Ingredients: Deionized Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Dihydroxyacetone, Ethoxydiglycol, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Ceteareth-12, Cetyl Palmitate, Caramel, Walnut Extract, Polysorbate 20, Tocopherol Actetate (Vitamin E), Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)



I have an event. When should I come in to get airbrushed?

If it’s an important event then you should really come in for a trial. A trial doesn’t necessarily have to be a Full Body Tan, it can just be the Essentials Tan. This will help you determine when you liked your tan best and what tone suits your event better. Most of our brides will get airbrushed two days before their wedding because of their hectic schedule. We have had clients who are not afraid to wear their fresh tan to their event simply because they love the depth they get the day of their airbrush. One size does not fit all when it comes to timing!

I’m pregnant. Is it safe?

ASK YOUR DOCTOR! We have airbrushed a lot of expecting moms, some of them are on our Client Gallery, all, however have asked their treating physician. So much changes in our bodies when it comes to pregnancy, there’s no one better than your Doc to tell you whether or not airbrush tanning is suitable for YOU!

What we can tell you that it is important to consider, is that whether you are or you’re not pregnant, we follow FDA guidelines for airbrushing our clients (meaning, we cover ALL membranes) you wear underwear and we provide nose plugs, lip balm and eye protection to everyone.

I don’t want to airbrush my face. Is that ok?

OF COURSE (that’s why we call it custom). And no, it does not look silly! We are aestheticians first and airbrush techs second. Our take on airbrushing the face is don’t do it at all!

Here’s why: Airbrush tanning clogs pores, the skin on your face should be treated differently than the skin on the rest of your body, face should be washed daily, face washing products all have ingredients that would make it hard for you to maintain color on your face anyway! Nothing like a good bronzer to give you the daily glow you’re searching for. If you don’t know of a good one there are plenty we’re happy to recommend.

Why do I need my Credit Card to Book my appointment?

We want to make sure everyone is as serious about their appointment as we are. We look forward to seeing you and providing you with great customer service and a superb airbrush tanning experience. We use Norton Security (the same type of security banks use) to protect your card information and to protect us. This information will ONLY be used in the event you’re a no-show or you cancel last minute. See cancellation policy for more info.

Will the solution stain my clothes?

It is important that you follow our advice and wear DARK, LOSE FITTING clothes to prevent headaches. Bronzer DOES rub off on clothes and sheets. Lorena (Organic Tans’ Owner) used her own wedding dress on a freshly airbrushed model for the Organic Tans’ bridal photo shoot. Although the bronzer did transfer to her dress, the bronzer came off after a trip to the cleaners. It is common to see her wearing white on a regular workday. Organic Tans will not be responsible for staining of sheets or clothes so wear white responsibly!

Can my child get airbrushed?

We require a parent be present and sign for anybody under the age of 17. If you’re looking for an airbrush tanning tech for your toddler’s pageant we’re not it! Organic Tans’ youngest airbrush tanner has to be at least 13. Sorry kids!

Do you do Competition color?

Figure competitors yes. Body Building competitors unfortunately No. Organic Tans likes to stay true to the solutions that are used on all clients. Competition Color is quite different and for this reason Organic Tans cannot.

My tan only lasted a few days. Why not TEN?

Nothing that’s natural should last more than 7 days unless you’re using a tan extender or other products that contain DHA. The length of your tan is determined by your own skin type, level of activity and at-home care.

Your tan should last anywhere between 3-7 days. Your skin naturally sheds and because our solutions have no dyes your skin will be getting rid of it at a much faster rate than if it had dyes. That’s not to say Hormones and other health factors won’t have an effect on it, your skin is your largest organ thus anything that’s affecting you, is affecting your skin and ultimately YOUR TAN.

When should I get my Mani-Pedi?

Leave your airbrush tanning appointment for last. It is best if you get your mani-pedi appointment a day prior to coming into your airbrush appointment. A mani-pedi after your airbrush tanning could ruin the way your airbrush looks and you will NOT be a happy camper.

Can I get airbrush tanning before my hair appointment?

When we think of hair we think WATER! To avoid accidents, it is best to come after your hair appointment not before.

Will I turn Orange?

We are not going to sugarcoat it… MAYBE, DHA (our solution’s main ingredient) reacts with your skin’s DNA, just as too much sun exposure would have that exact same effect on your skin, the reaction that occurs is very much unique for each individual, this is why we make sure we have pictures of our clients and not fake people on our website, to give you an idea of what our clients looked like a day, two days and even three days after their airbrush application. The result varies from our clients who have olive, pink, or yellow undertones.

We’re ready to help you